We Will Try To Answer Some Questions Here

How much does this cost ?

Nothing : Ziltch - Nada We Are Trying To Educate America

Can i help out ?

Yes You Can : We Do Need Support Funding This Assures That We Make It To As Many Cities As We Can.
Do You Have A Business That Can We Interview Patients At ? That Might Work Also - We Just Need A Place -We Are Totally Mobile

You said you will be interviewing in Spanish ?

¡Por supuesto! Rosemary, nuestro entrevistador ejecutivo principal Es colombiano y muy amigable con la cámara. Ella viene de la industria mundial de cosméticos Y tiene más de 20 años de experiencia frente a una cámara.
Of Course! Rosemary, Our Executive Senior Interviewer Is Columbian And Very Camera Friendly . She Comes From The Worldwide Cosmetics Industry And Has Over 20 yrs Experience In Front Of A Camera.