Statewide Interviewing

Cancer Survivors - Veterans - Seniors -
Who Use Medical Cannabis

Educating America

Not Only In Florida, Our Home State -
But Our Entire Country Needs,
To Be Edumacated ( EDUCATED )

Espanol y English

Entrevista en español e inglés historias de sobrevivientes usando cannabis medicinal


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Funding Is Everything : We Want To Make Sure We Interview
As Many As We Can : Please Help Support Our Efforts.
As Of Now, This Is A Free Service We Are Offering,
So We Can Educate America, With Real Survivor Stories !
Help Us Come To Your City : Show Support For The
Medical Cannabis Survivor Community Including
Our Seniors Who Are Now Using Medical Cannabis

Coming To Your City

Got A Place Where We Can "Set Up" In Exchange
For Your Survivor Story ? Let Us Know, Maybe We Can
Broadcast It Several Weeks / Months Before And Have
A Few More Survivors Come & Tell The World How Medical Cannabis
Has Improved Their Lives. If You Own A Business...
We Go Live As Well - This Will Also Promote Your Business
On IG & The Book - Let Us Know


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